Trancework is therapy conducted while you are in a pleasant hypnotic trance state.  I facilitate trancework in most therapy sessions because it utilizes the power of your subconscious mind, which makes trancework the most powerful and efficient way to conduct therapy.  

Trancework allows your mind’s “critical factor” to relax and the doorway to your subconscious to open.  Then, I can give you beneficial and acceptable suggestions in a form that your subconscious can readily understand.  When these suggestions (or new ideas) are automatically accepted by your subconscious, you feel on a deep emotional level that the ideas are coming from you.  Then you really own them.  This means you are the one in control.  The whole point of therapy is to help you gain or re-gain control over your emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and symptoms.

Trancework is also the most meaningful and efficient way to conduct, with your permission, an unconscious exploration and analysis of the causes of your symptoms, so that these causes can be corrected or removed.  Once this is accomplish, you gain greater control over your pain, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, moods, etc.

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