Short-Term Psychotherapy really is any form of therapy that is not meant to be ongoing and long-term ad-infinitum. The idea is to promote rapid change that allows you to identify the core problem and to formulate a good strategy to change the unconscious solution to the problem.

Hypnosis provides the focusing mechanism and the doorway to the subconscious.  Cognitive, emotive and behavioral techniques provide the nuts and bolts strategies for addressing both the dysfunctional thinking and feeling patterns that you need to change in order to get well.

Effective short-term therapy must be strategic. Having a strategy is necessary if you’re going to change something that is well defended and has resisted change for years. It is important to recognize that the whole purpose of hypnosis is to bypass the critical factor. With Short-Term Psychotherapy, I employ a variety of techniques in addition to hypnosis for bypassing the critical factor.

As an experienced therapist, I rely on my experience, my tradecraft skills, and my intuition to come up with solutions in the service of your therapy.

Short-term psychotherapy generally runs anywhere between three and a dozen sessions. It is applicable to almost all presenting problems including long-standing dysfunctional personality patterns and personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder.

As with every form of therapy that I employ, STP involves a verbal and often a written contract between me, the therapist, and you, my client.

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