I teach self-hypnosis as a technique that will help you initiate and continue the process of positive change. When I teach you self-hypnosis, you will learn how to repeat in the safety and quiet of your home, on your own, the key aspects of the hypnotic induction technique I have used with you in the office.

With each repetition of the self-hypnosis method, you will develop a greater ability to be your own hypnotist and focus inward as you progressively go deeper into your self-induced hypnotic trance. This will help you develop greater control over your mind, your body and your symptoms.

Recognize that “going deeper” simply means becoming more focused and absorbed, and increasing the quality of your hypnotic trance experience.

My goals are two-fold.  Firstly, it is to help you become better and better at relaxing and calming yourself. Secondly, it is to help you utilize your improved ability to calm yourself to give yourself positive and therapeutic suggestions – both during your practice of self-hypnosis and “on the fly” when you encounter stressful circumstances.

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