Parts Therapy can help you get acquainted with, and be kind to, your inner family so that you can resolve the inner conflicts between the different parts of you that have caused inner conflict and that have created roadblocks in your life.

Very few people are the same person in all situations. We all play different roles and have different aspects of our personalities. Adjusting to the requirements and demands of different situations makes it necessary to act differently in those different situations. When you’re with your kids you need to be a mother or father. When you’re in your classroom, you need to be the teacher. When you’re in your office, you need to be the principled confidence inspiring lawyer or a doctor, or whatever you do for a living.

We al also have an inner family that consists of the different roles that we played during the formative developmental experiences of our life. So, most of us develop internal parts, or ego states, that each serve a purpose and have a function in out adaptation to the world. For example, for many of us, there’s an internal family member that play the role of protector. Then many of us have inner punishers, victims, peacemakers, mediators, and so on.

Often, persistent emotional and stress-related physical problems result from unresolved conflicts between different parts of our inner family. The whole idea underlying Parts Therapy is to use hypnosis to focus inside and then to invite those parts of us that have something to say about the problem to come forward.  Then, with the help of the therapist who plays the role of a mediator, the task is to help these involved parts work together and negotiate a viable solution.

Recognize that your bothersome symptoms are really solutions to frequently unconscious problems that have been created by one or more parts of your inner family. These symptoms serve a purpose and actually protect you from more disruptive outcomes, were they not to have been created to hold things together under tension. However, the tension or anxiety that is associated with the symptoms and the underlying unresolved issues can drain you of energy and wear you down.

As your hypnotherapist, when I recognize that Parts Therapy is indicated, I will introduce it to you, and I will explain how I play the role of the mediator in this endeavor.  Because the goal is to invite those involved inner parts of your inner family to come forward and agree to work together for the benefit of you.  The framework for accomplishing this is mediation.  We all work together to mediate a solution that is acceptable to all of your inner parts involved in the problem.  The motto taken from the “Four Muskateers” is “one for all and all for one”. Remember be kind to your inner family and be calm and collected.

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