If you have a stress related chronic physical illness such as high blood pressure, irritable bowel, or migraine headaches, you should explore the benefits of learning Mindfulness and Meditation techniques. Mindfulness means the state of being aware and observant without any judgment. Meditation is way of paying attention to something specific; that is, focusing, without trying to control the experience.  My Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program, or MBSR, can teach you how to develop your natural ability to pay attention to what you are experiencing in the moment without any judgments.

The value of this lies in the fact that when you judge your ongoing experience, you evaluate your experience as either good or bad. Naturally, you evaluate your symptoms as bad.  However, the fact is that, while your symptoms may be bothersome or painful to you, they are actually a product of your subconscious mind’s and your body’s natural wisdom.  Your symptoms constitute an unconscious solution to an unconscious problem constructed by your mind and body as the best coping or survival option at the time, given the resources available.  

The value of mindfulness in reducing your stress (i.e., MBSR) is that it eliminates the critical judgment factor from how you deal with situations. Stress results from annoyance, aggravation, rage, fear, and anxiety. All of these negative emotions result from thinking that your resources are not up to handling the situation, or that you should not be in the situation because “it is not fair”.

The fact is that life is NOT fair.  Fairness frankly has nothing to do with who wins or loses in the game of life!  I can teach you how to “go with the flow”, which is another way of using language to described “mindfulness”.  The point is that “going with the flow” can help you get through most things in life, especially difficult circumstances.  Recognize that a rigid tree is more likely to get broken by a strong wind than is a flexible tree that moves and bends and sways with the wind.

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