When you are relaxed, you cannot be in a negative emotional state.  Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy, or HRT, can help you learn to stay calm as you gain greater control over your thoughts, moods, and behavior. In some ways, the guiding principle is similar to the principle behind Joseph Wolpe’s systematic desensitization therapy, which has been proven effective in curing phobias and other anxiety disorders. My method of Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy, or HRT, also centers around the idea of teaching you how to breathe intentionally into and through the parts of your body associated with your bothersome symptoms. The rationale for this is to open up the blocked energy flow in those areas so that you can channel healing energy into those places. The Eimer Method of HRT also incorporates the awareness without negative judgment aspect of mindfulness-based stress reduction.  However, it adds an important additional component. And that is teaching you how to use self-hypnosis to:

  1. Practice hypnotic relaxation on an everyday basis;
  2. Respond to simple post-hypnotic cues that will trigger your relaxation response, and to;
  3. Give yourself helpful and positively inspiring self-suggestions both during your practice of self-hypnosis, and on the fly when you need them as you cope with challenging situations.

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