Hypnotic Regression Therapy, also known as “HRT”, is a method of hypnotically going back in time to the cause(s) of your present symptoms, so that you can get past your past by releasing your negative emotional ties to those causes.

HRT really constitutes the essence of all good psychotherapy. I say this because HRT is emotion-based. This form of therapy which I offer does not allow you to just stay in your head. Instead, it helps you to use the emotions associated with your distress as a bridge, or tunnel, or doorway, to key past experiences in your life.

As your professional hypnotherapist, I can guide you back in time while you are in hypnotic trance to the experiences that earlier in your life had sensitized you to respond to your emotional and physical triggers the way you do today.  The trancework then involves facilitating your review and re-experiencing of those events on both an unconscious and a conscious level.  During this “trancework” process, as your hypnotherapist, I will make sure that you remain safe and that you do not become overwhelmed as you explore the causes of your present symptoms. The goals of working this way are:

  1. To help you release the pent up negative emotions that have blocked you from living in the present as they tied you to the past.
  2. To help you understand the nature of the emotional connections you have unconsciously maintained with these past experiences and how they have limited you from moving on with your life in a healthy manner.
  3. To help you change the ways in which you understand and think about yourself in relation to these past events and your present symptoms and problems.
  4. The overarching goal is to help you free yourself from the toxic ties that up until now have bound you to your past.

This work helps you build empathy for yourself, which in turn helps you counter guilt, shame, and self-blame, as you develop healthy self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and a healthier self-image.

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