All hypnosis is believed-in imagination. As Walt Disney World’s loveable small purple dragon, “Figment”, says:  “Each of us imagines different things” and “Imagination works when it’s set free”. So, we might as well free our imagination up to imagine positive things.  Unfortunately, our minds are naturally programmed to imagine negative things.  So, we must reverse this trend which we all have.  I can help you do this.

I use hypnosis to help you re-program your imagination so that it can freely and subconsciously work for your benefit.  When your imagination is set free, you can cultivate important ideas, values and feelings.  These include hope, courage, inner strength, gratitude, happiness, appreciation, respect, care, forgiveness, commitment, positive memories, positive expectations, self-esteem, belief, and faith.

Positive images in your mind are the antidote to the negative images associated with your bothersome symptoms. With my help and the power of hypnosis, you can learn to use your own mind to develop new habits.  Good habits all involve imagining yourself coping better with the things that you are working on fixing in your life.

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