CBT is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the role that our ways of thinking play on the ways in which we feel and behave. Associated with every repetitive negative feeling state, and every negative behavioral habit, is a pattern of thinking and a set of beliefs that set in motion a negative spiral of anxiety and depression. This also applies to anger problems as well.

In CBT, our point of entry is usually your automatic thoughts. We have techniques for uncovering the specific automatic thoughts that pop into your mind that trigger your negative emotional states. And we also have techniques for moving downward to the core beliefs that are the wellsprings of these automatic thoughts. CBT techniques can help you cope with your uncomfortable feelings and bothersome symptoms.  CBT techniques are designed to help you actually take more responsibility for regulating your moods and behaviors. CBT techniques also are designed to help you to permanently change what can be changed about yourself so that you can make yourself happier.

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