Brief Cognitive Hypnosis is a model of short-term hypnotherapy which incorporates hypnotic relaxation therapy, self-hypnosis training, and a technique called reframing. The process of reframing involves my helping you clarify what you mean when you explain and analyze your presenting problems.

It is important to identify exactly what you mean by what you say. Language, as well as our non-verbal gestures, are rich in meaning. Most of us condemn ourselves to repeating the same mistakes by not becoming aware of our repetitive patterns of language that lead us to continue to think, feel and behave in the same old ways. This perpetuates the problem as Jordan Zarren, LCSW and I explain in our therapist manual Brief Cognitive Hypnosis (Zarren and Eimer, 2002).

The key to successful change is to stop trying harder to change, and instead, to do something different. Reframing is a prerequisite to doing something different.

Initially, I will help you clarify the meaning of what you say and think. Then I will help you to change the way you think about and look at those situations that up until this point in therapy have led you to continue to create the same old distress, as you continue to behave and think about things in the same old self-defeating ways.

Through trancework, I employ direct suggestions in hypnosis to fix in place in your unconscious mind the changes in thinking that you have begun to make in the waking state in my office as we examine your issues conversationally.  This actually becomes a form of naturalistic trance.

Trancework also provides a vehicle for uncovering hidden meanings and for making changes that are emotionally-based and therefore enduring. Brief Cognitive Hypnosis is a form of hypnotherapy that puts the feeling and the unconscious into Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

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