If you think that you have a borderline personality disorder or, if you had been diagnosed or labeled as such in the past, there is hope.
Traditionally, therapists have claimed that borderline personality disorder is a condition that does not get better very often, but if change in the long run is to be made possible, that ongoing long-term psychotherapy forever is necessary. In most cases this is pretty ridiculous.

Nowadays, few of us have the financial resources or the time to commit to 15 years of psychotherapy. Therefore I have developed a form of psychotherapy for people with borderline personality disorder traits that involves a precise contract based approach to changing key behavior patterns that perpetuate distress and havoc. The goal is to teach you how to moderate and gain control over your behavioral and emotional excesses such as anger, overeating, impulsive behaviors, mood swings, interpersonal instability, overwhelming anxiety and depression, emptiness, boredom, compulsive behaviors, and addictions.

The focus of the therapy is very specific. The therapy is very structured. There is no time to waste. The core idea here is acceptance of your weaknesses and making a commitment to work on changing them. You won’t be successful if your goal is to completely eradicate your problematic behaviors and personality traits so that you can be perfect. That’s just perpetuates the problem.

The goal is to teach you to accept the idea that problems are a part of life and that you can titrate and adjust, or modulate, the intensity of your responses. As you gain greater control over your emotional and behavioral reactions, you will find that life begins to become more enjoyable to live. You will experience fewer and less distressing moments. These little successes serve to feed and reinforce your motivation to continue the process of change.


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